Force 8 winds

Sept 27: Paddled out of Opatija. The marina owner was interested and took some pictures. Beautiful village. Elite. Made our way to the island of Cres. 


A two-hour crossing and we are here. No currents, just some nice sized waves to battle. Happy to get over. Stop and rest.  


Paddled a further 10 km then stopped due to rough water. It was a good choice.  


Waited an hour then paddled a bit further. Stopped. And then crossed to the island of KRK. There we met a group of lovely Germans who invited us on their boat for a meal. A great evening.  


Random people gave us a great evening. Talked about the Piece project. Ate great pasta. Laughed and took some pics.  

They slept on the sailboat. We slept in the bush.  

They slept on the sailboat. We slept in the bush.  

Sept 28: Late start. The Bora winds are forming. 9 km and we hit wind gusts of about force 8. Make our way to KRK village. Take a long break. Discuss the next paddle. Decide too risky to continue. Eat lunch and have a long desert. 


Decide to paddle a short 8 km to Punat. Find a boat which will take us to Rab tomorrow at 08:00. Hope the winds will settle, but it is still blowing. 


Force 8 winds.  Need two people to tackle that!!!