Lyon, France

Arrived Lyon after battling Mistral winds up the Rhone. They actually reach further than Macon and really slow progress. My arms are knackered. The Saone is peaceful and easy to paddle. It's wide and there are no problems with barges or river cruise vessels or private pleasure crafts. Great day. 


Glimpses of the Rhone

i am snaking my way through France. Taking a short lunch in Andance. It's 32 degrees and warm. 

I eat a baguette and drink a liter of orange juice. Then I paddle further.  

I eat a baguette and drink a liter of orange juice. Then I paddle further.  


When you have a kayak you can paddle to an island. There you are alone and safe. In the distance is Tournon. Had a swim and waited for the sun to go down before I entered the tent. Very warm. 



I see that I cannot solve the global peace puzzle issue, but I can be a piece - a part of the whole. The global peace jigsaw puzzle is made up of millions pieces in every color, size and shape possible. If we do not contribute to creating a better world, the puzzle that will have missing pieces, leaving an incomplete picture. Sure, you may not notice the missing pieces in this whole peace puzzle from afar, but when you really look closely you will notice they will be impossible to ignore. Because those missing shapes are pieces of us. We hold the pieces ourselves, as we have the power for change and recovery. We are in fact the solution for peace.