As the 21st Century continues to bring changes to the structure of society, educators are continually challenged in their role of preparing students to take their place in society. I recently travelled to Brussels and met with Michelle Brown who runs, what I believe to be, the best student-community program I have ever witnessed. The International School of Brussels is a front runner helping their students become informed, responsible and compassionate citizens.

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Through its Service Learning & Creativity, Activity and Service program (CAS) - ISB provides students with a unique opportunity to develop social, emotional and relational skills. Students work on social projects and in addition to seeing real-life results, get a closer understanding of how their personal attributes and actions can make a difference.

ISB is an outstanding example of  how schools can make a significant difference in their local community and city through organized and successful student involvement. The Piece Prize will participate in several events with the school and students during week 22.