Teenagers in Trieste

Sept. 25: The last part of the journey will be hopefully duo paddling. Found a place to stay in Isola, Slovenia. People are warm and friendly. Sunday was pouring down and I used the day to make a video. See:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=q8OfA8bIlAU

Faustina was cared for by a loving foster family. She recognizes the influence they have had on her life. Truly we are better together. Humanity needs humanity. 


Sept. 26: After spending the night in Trieste, I get up early to make final notes. Today, I will talk to 60 students at the International School of Trieste. 


A nice welcome. I spent some time discussing the day with the school director, Carrie.  Lovely lady with a lot of responsibility on her shoulders.  


I talk to a class of 6-7th grade students. I show them my route and we discuss where I sleep, what I eat, am I lonely and do I have children. If so, what do they think about all this?




The next class is older and the lecture is different  Teenagers are great. Attentive, bright and thoughtful. Afterwards I eat lunch with the student council and answer a lot of questions. 


The sessions go quick and then I am interviewed by a journalist. 


We take a taxi back to Isola, and talk to another group of local journalists. When finished, Maja offers to drive us to a little village called Opatija. The currents around Pula are strong. We opt to lessen the long route of 140 km by driving 40 km. It's a good choice. It's a safe choice. 


The km are ticking off. How will the Adriatic be? Will it treat us kind? Am enjoying having Endre, a super guy and an amazing paddle partner.  


Otherwise, I miss home. And the crisp Norwegian autumn air.