Yesterday I started to feel this nudging ache on the lower side of my right rib cage. Towards the end of the paddling day, I winced every time my right-hand stroke hit the water. Visited the doctor and got a small needle with some deflammatory ingredient. Not too sure it helped. Breathing is ok, but certain movements send a razor sharp zap through my right rib cage. 


Thus, no paddling today. Just can't be done. Decided to spend a 1/2 day on the beach.  And then, cleaned out the kayak and stored it at a B&B. Endre and I took the bus from Zadar to Zagreb.


I am joining forces with the International School of Zagreb for a Peace Attack. In addition The Piece Prize has found a Silent Hero and will donate €1000 to help those who are isolated in this capital city. 

Over many generations people have made European countries their home, have helped build and found they can belong here. But we cannot take our diversity for granted. It is no use sharing a street or a suburb with people from different backgrounds if we do not know them. Loneliness is at epidemic levels, prejudice threatens to pull communities apart.

We cannot love our neighbour if we do not know our neighbour, understand them, their culture and identity. We all need to build friendships that cement our society together, crossing differences that can become barriers such as age, social background, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and faith - working for peace alongside all people of goodwill.


Daily, I share with people that small acts of kindness make a difference. No, I cannot change the world. But yes, I can touch someone's heart there and then. That makes a difference. It really does.  


Coffee with an elderly lady at a France boatlock.  


Dinner with an Egyptian christian outside Avignon. 


I listened to this girl's story (left) and wrote her a page of encouragement. 


I chatted with this man for 2.5 hours on the way to the PO river.  


Met this lovely Croatian couple and renewed our comittment to respect others and believe in the good.  


These smiley people really encouraged me after a long hard challenge day. Thanks!!!!! 


I got a great hug from this lady who made a super dish of pasta and clams.  


Had a great talk about peace with these wonderful people who manage a super delicatessen store. Could have talked for hours, but had to move on.

Our acts of kindness can form the beginnings of a shift towards a more peaceful and compassionate culture.