Oct. 2:  Today I passed by a colorful church and stumbled into a very interesting museum called the Museum of Broken Relationships. Here, I was reminded that life is often full of disappointments. The museum comprises objects of memories that people have donated. Whether a key, a record, a dress or a shoe, each object has a story of rejection or an ending of love.  Very insightful and a place where one might feel a shared common experience with people who have suffered a broken relationship. 


Oct. 3: Endre takes the plane home and Jon Frederik arrives. I spend the day gathering my thoughts about peace and prepare for a major day with The American International School of Zagreb. 


Oct. 4: I start the day at 06:30. My host Paul - the director of The American International School of Zagreb - has an urgent matter to handle.  At 08:20 I meet and talk to the grade 11 & 12 classes about The Piece Prize and the power of small acts of kindness. After two more lectures, I - together with the 9th grade class - head into the center of Zagreb for a "Peace Attack." We hand out 200 red hearts to residents and tourists. What a great day. The school was so prepared and the students were energetic. 


What a great bunch of young people (below) together with a group of random tourists. 



Martina Hodinj (19)

Initiative and inspired, this are the two words that describe this young lady. She has started her volunteering career with 14 years, when she entered grade 9 where she joined the schools volunteering club. During these four years of volunteering, she has initiated and participated in numerous voluntary actions, events, humanitarian fairs which involved helping elderly and helpless people, homeless people, children from nursing homes, orphans, people with severe illnesses, migrants passing through Croatia, people affected by floods, and many more. But she has not only helped other people, she has also actively promoted volunteering in other schools and in the media. She says that she always goes happy to bed, because she knows that she has changed someone’s live.


I am so proud of having met Martina (19). What a wonderful girl. She was the highlight of my day and makes this journey so significant for me. Thank you Martina. Keep strong!!!!!