Will I Ever make it to Venice?

After two days of high winds and finding insane routes to avoid the sea, I leave Chioggia marina at 07:30. I was warm in the garage and felt rich when parked beside the Porsche. 


I get through the boat lock and feel the kayak is going slow. Yes. Wind and current. It's going to be a tough 30 or so km.  


After ten km my legs are killing me. I stop in Sant Antonio. Rest in a majestic church and then find the drug store for Ibrufen. 


I head out again and try to avoid the shipping lane. In a kayak I can paddke in shallower waters. lots of boats and barges. 


I make it to Venice around 14:30. A tedious and long paddle.I cross the Canale Della Giudecca! The waves were just as treacherous as the North Sea. I seek out smaller canals and eventually find the storage unit that I had previously arranged. I clean and dry out my stuff. 


I grab a train and make my way to Treviso. Once again I am reunited with Faustina an exchange student we had in Norway some 7 years ago. 


I got a good heartfelt hug and then Faustina and friends invited me out for supper.  Today, September 19, I try to locate a kayak for a group of friends who want to paddle with me. Finally somebody to share this journey. If any others want to join, let me know.