On Friday (Sept. 8) I decide to leave my camping place in Ceriale, Italy, and take the train back to Nice. Good friends Jannicke and Kristen have invited me and I am turning 60. The morning is sacred. The ocean is quiet. A fisherman tries his luck. Small sounds of waves gently caress the shore. I feel as though I should continue kayaking but then I hear the lyrics of a song: Relax don't do it!  Ok I will relax enjoy some time off. 


I shower and start packing my kayak. I will store it in a locked room. Clothes, and a towel, dry in the morning sun. 


The owner drives me 5 km to the train station. I get my ticket then cross the street for a good cup of coffee and baguette with mozerella and tomato. 


It's 2 hours to Nice. Will be fun watching the coastline. Retracing my steps, seeing where I have paddled.  


Picked up by Jannicke and Kristen at the VilleFranche-sur-Mer station, we climb steps - a couple hundred meters - and soon experience the best view in Nice from the apartment.  Later, I am treated to a lovely three-course meal. Life is feeling better with each mouthful. 


The chef and wife are lovely people and the food is excellent.


The evening ends with good talks and candles.  


The clock strikes 00:00. I am 60.....oops. 


Sept 9, 2017

Begin the day with eggs, toast, fruit, and coffee. I don't feel any different.  Feel great. 

Kristen is a great host.  

Kristen is a great host.  

Spend the morning relaxing. Rain comes and we pop into a local restaurant for Moules.  I am a bit cold, so I put on Kristen's sweater. 


Afterward we head back to the flat and we all dip into a deep comfort zone called sleep. Refreshed after a couple of hours, we had back to celebrate my 60th at another local restaurant.  


I have eaten enough food to last three days. But it tastes soooo good. And I am sooooo happy.  


Head back home with the help of UBER. Great day. Relaxing, and no stress. Good to spend some nice moments with some good friends. Together we are better.