Today I was a bit nervous about the route from Agay-Cannes-Antibes-Nice. This section is wide open and exposed to heavy seas. I left Agay at 07:00. A bit apprehensive.  


I love those red hills. And the houses are amazing. Especially the one with the concrete steps descending into the ocean.  

walk the steps for a morning bath and coffee!!! If only... 

walk the steps for a morning bath and coffee!!! If only... 

I meet some others kayaks on the way. Lol. No not really. Just the big cruise vessels.  


I paddle onwards. Weather is fine and I recheck the Weather App to make sure no mistral winds are on way.  


No real major wind, I cut corners and cross bays to save time. Each bay takes a good 90 minutes. Have to be safe.  


Affer 5 hours, I reach Antibes and pull into a small private beach owned by the restaurant. Here I meet to lovely Norwegians from Skien. Carina and Stig treat me to a meal and we talk for an hour, if not longer. So fun. Sheesh haven't spoken Norwegian in ages.  


Onwards, I head to Nice. I see the iconic apartments. I didn't like them before, but seeing them from the water, they looked amazing. I like them now.  


I see a marina and head for it. A jet ski shop is open and I ask to sleep there. No problem. They say I can pitch my tent in the back. YES!!!!


Perfect. I set it up and have a great bedroom window view.  


I am hungry so open a can of ravioli. Tastes great. I watch the water and enjoy the view. What a wonderful world. Togetherness is important. That is, the world and mankind.