Up early to catch the morning sunrise at Cadello - closest village to my tent. The PO is flowing and I get right out into the middle. What a ride. 


Small places appear, but in seconds they disappear. 


I stop at a small fishing cabin near Luzzara. No one is home. So I take a nap and eat a Mars bar. This river is famous for big catfish. Many small river shacks like this are along the river. Mostly by an inlet to avoid the strong current. 


Paddle 20 km and then take another break.  This time I take a bath and soap myself well. Nice to smell good even if you are alone. The sun is shining and in no time I am dry.  I rinse my shorts in fresh water to get rid of the salt water. They are warm in the breeze, a natural dryer. I fold them and put them into the kayak. I paddle off. The winds pick up. I work hard for three hours. Muscles feel it and I decide to take a break. I see a restaurant and check it out. I meet the owner and decide to camp next to the restaurant. I pitch my tent. Unpack my gear. And decide, yes I will eat here tonight. The closest village is Mirasole, not too far from Ostiglia. 

A rest. A bath. Some sun.  

A rest. A bath. Some sun.  

I find an electrical outlet to charge my batteries. Then at 19:30 find a table. I take the pumpkin ravioli and a pizza. At  15€, I figure this is a good  deal. 

Pizza was horrible. Haha. No. Great. I ate the whole thing.  

Pizza was horrible. Haha. No. Great. I ate the whole thing.  

Photographer Paul Strand took this picture in Luzzara. Taken in 1953, it's called The Family.