I started the day with a bit of anxiety. The PO is moving around 4.5 km per hour.  I look at the river. It looks swift. Attack your fears. I load my gear and head out. I decide to stick close to the shore but after a couple hours I realize that this is doable. Just don't get cocky. The hydro electric dam is behind me. And as far as I can see that was the last one. 


I paddle from 08:40 to 12:30. Take a small break before paddling into Casalmaggiore. 


In Casalmaggiore I meet Alessandro. Him and his lovely wife run an ice cream shop and bar. One of my power banks is ruined. So he drives me to shopping center to get a new one. I also need groceries. When it came time to pay for the food Alessandro stepped in and paid the whole bill. He said that special days like this don't happen everyday. I agree. Thank you so much Alessandro.  


 I paddled another hour, notching up a total of 62 km. Found a nice beach and also a great group of Germans catfishing. Ate cold chili con carne. A banana. Bread and jam. Peanuts and a Mars bar.