Alphonso helps pitch the tent

Ended last yesterday at a small secluded beach in the village of Coupereau. A young boy, Alphonso helped me set up the tent. An hour later he came back with salad, tomatoes, food and a beer. 

Good kid this guy.  

Good kid this guy.  

When I got up, another person had left me a note and some food. I paddled early wanting to make it to Saint Tropez.  


Sunrise and paddling. Sweet!!! 


First crossing took 45 minutes. Calm.  


A unique fortress. I paddled quite close. Didn't see the signs. Some guy blew into a whistle to let me know I was in the wrong place.  


Stopped at a campsite and slept under a tree.  


Landscape is changing. Easier to access land. The big cliffs are gone. At least for the time being.  

Found my little hideaway. A family unloaded their boat as I was putting up my tent. The man came down with a bag of food, cola and two beers. Haha. :) Together we are better.  


 Very secluded. Just room for me and the tent.  


Yes. The picture says it all.


St. Tropez in the distance. 39.7 km behind me. Happy.