I set the alarm for 04:30. I wanted to follow this canal through Port-de-Bouc, but was advised that this was not only very risky, but very illegal. I back tracked a bit and traversed around a large island. Crossed a bay in the early dark morning and hit strong currents. Hah! Yes back in the ocean. 


Early start. Industrial gas area.  

The ocean elements again. Aggh! 

The ocean elements again. Aggh! 

When I stopped for a break, a French naval diver talked to me and said the currents were strong today. A fisherman had told him. That's why I struggled getting to La Couronne. 


I stopped in Sausset-Les-Pins. Three bananas, a baguette with cheese, orange juice (1 liter) coffee and water hit the spot and I headed back to the ocean elements.  



Energized, I set out again. High waves and wind keep me focused. I pull into a nice port after 10 km. I choose a small restaurant and end up meeting a wonderful waitress and a young owner, Marina. 


Kayak secured.  


Marina (left) shared a long lunch. She has a beautiful heart and is finding her way back to a lesser pain-free life after a car collision. She is a survivor which makes her look ahead and not behind. Though sometimes pain does follow us. We talked about life and its challenges. I left refreshed, full and happy in spirit. 


YES!  I ate it all.  

After lunch, I head out. The wind had died down but the waves were choppy and high, coming in all directions. I pulled into the next port and decided to call it a day. 


Lovely little port. But a new hat, walked around and had a small beer. 


While organizing my kayak alongside a small dock, Dominique and Gerard walked by. We started chatting and this ended up in a superb three-course meal. They took the the tab, I thanked them and then tried to find a place to sleep. 


I sleep on the floor of this abandoned boat. I showere quickly the next morning