AUGUST 26 - 27 (75 km)

Carry-le-Rouet - Cap Croisette - Six-Fours-les-Plages

Up early on 26th wanting to get to Cassis. I see some amazing scenery and history.


Château d'If, Marseille 

Château d'If, Marseille 

Tired getting across a large body of water around Marseille, I paddle toward a small port called, Port de la Madrague de Montredon. There I am surprised by a visit from Iwos (Norway). A lovely couple greets us on the beach and they invite us home for lunch. Sporty initiative.  


On way home to Antoine and family.  


Antoine and wife work at sports research center outside of Marseille. CRVM - Centre de réalité virtuelle de la Méditerranée. They are so pleasant. Somdown to earth. So gracious.  

I head out again but make it only as far as Cap Croisette. Winds 9 mtr/per second and large bumpy waves from big tourist boats. I try, but turn back. Good choice. Less risk and a beautiful evening on a beach. 


This is a majestic place. Talk to a nice couple on the beach and then pitch my tent when everyone is gone.  


August 27.

Up early and off. Dark. Can't see waves but feel them. Paddle hard and long to Ile Verte, have a coffee and baguette and talk to a cool guy, Manu. He designs work clothes.  


Early morning sunrise on way


Manu paddled to the island with his dog. He is getting married soon. :) 

Bandol. Paddle further to Bandol and stop at an island called "Ile de Bendor".  There I am graciously given a lunch and two beer by a very welcoming Portuguese man Jose and wife Maya. The waitress was cheerful. 


Kindness is one small act, sometimes done in, otherwise, a very busy day.  


I paddle further, making it to "Six-Fours-les-Plages". Paddling through the islands, I meet a family on some kayaks and a paddle board. They tell me about Valerie and Claude who are starting a food shelter for the homeless and migrant people. By night Quemao is a restaurant, by day it will feed the poor and needy. 


 Valerie and Claude also run a B&B. They invited me to stay the night and also treated me to a lovely supper. Thank you!!!! 


A unique B&B. Clean, interesting and a vibe all of its own. 


One can choose to sleep in a Defender of which has crossed the Dakar. 


Breakfast in the shade.