La Poste, Claude and Hocine

Last night Becky and Dave provided accommodation and food on board their houseboat Wanderlust. A gracious couple and was nice to speak English.  


We headed off in our own directions. Them Avignon and me, the local post office. I made the front cover in the La Provence newspaper and wanted to send some copies home. 


I walked around Aramon. It is a beautiful little village with a few nice places to sit and have a coffee.  


Had a kebab. Well a different type of kebab. A baguette with kebab and French fries all put together.  


After a bit of writing and relaxation, I headed back to the Helios. It is a small houseboat hotel. Hocine invited me as his guest. Thus a free room for the night.  


Hocine is a good man. We shared coffee, cake and a good talk.  


He took a group of youth for survival training and has a heart for people. 


The wind is blowing, either from the north or south. A great opportunity to wash and dry clothes.  


Hocine told me that I came to visit him for a purpose. 


Claude paddled by. I met him a couple of weeks ago further North in those crazy canals with hundreds of locks. He has paddled from Lille and his final destination is Lille au Grau-du-Roi, on the edge of the Mediterranean. We talked a bit, hugged and wished each other safe travels. People, places and possibilities pass our way each day. The journey continues. Together we are better.