Along with the sunshine there's gotta be a little wind sometime.

Woke up early. Started paddling just south of Charmes-sur-Rhone at 07:18. The wind was blowing North - South. Helps me. 


 Cruised by La Voulte. Sometimes I just paddle and should stop. Next time. :)  



I approach a lock. On the Rhone you can choose two options because the river always splits when you come to a lock. There is one which is the old Rhone. This route usually has a small hydro electric station. There is good access to get out and in. The problem is, is that river is quite shallow on the old route and jagged rocks are not the best for my Kevlar-carbon kayak. I chose option and hoped for the best.



Top: The power plant from below

Bottom: portaging the kayak around  


The detour took around 30 minutes. The wind really picked up when I got close to this huge power plant La Coucourde, I had to take a break. 


I saw on Google Maps a restaurant. After tying up my kayak and crossing train tracks and a huge thicket of very prickly blackberry bushes, I arrived only to see that it was closed. They take vacation too.  

I needed water so I knocked on a door. Daniel opened. He invited me in and his wife Dominik made me three huge baguettes loaded with ham. And also 4 nectarines.


I ate one baguette immediately and also the fruit.  


Said my goodbyes and paddled further. Went though another lock and decided to keep going. Paddled by Châteauneuf-du-Rhône. Nice property on that mountain and scenery is breathtaking.  


Why do Catholics have all the great prime real estate?  :) 


Paddled a total of 64km ( I think ) and now pitched my tent close to La Garde-Adhemar. 


Still windy.