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Looking for balance.

The past few months have consumed all the energy I had. I was 100% focused on reaching my goals. In that period, other areas of my life were not getting their "fair share." I can't say that my life was out of balance … but I do understand that no one can have a healthy relationship, healthy job atmosphere, or healthy self if they are using so much of their allotted energy on one item.

Now home for a couple of weeks, I am seeking to put on a few kilos ( lost 14 along the way) and am appreciating the time I have with my children. Lots of work to do at home, but taking it one day at a time. Someone said that healthy and well-balanced people pull more happiness toward them. I don't know. I just feel so privileged to be alive and to have a network of old, current and new friends who make life worth living. Together we are better. There is no doubt about this Piece Prize motto. We need others. They help us. They correct us. They inspire us. They bring balance. During certain stages we all need someone to lean on.