I gotta train..........aggghhh!!!

Five days and I am setting in motion a 5,600 km kayak tour from Oslo to Athens.

Someone said told me that it is a smart idea to begin some form of strength training as a supplement to my kayaking. This will aid in several ways: a) Strength training helps to build the muscle tissues needed to give you more power in your strokes. b) It helps to build endurance for those long trips. c) Strength training also aids in developing muscle coordination, balance and "body awareness".

OK. But I hate training. Give me a squash racket and an opponent and yes....time to engage in battle. 

Some of my friends say they will pick me up before the Swedish boarder....I don't think so....

I have trained. Summer. Fall. Winter. Spring....not as much as I should but, heck....I tried. 

So, any tips to what I should eat along the route....please let me know....