No victory in war.

Oct. 15: Early morning we paddle silently, leaving the island of Jakljan in the distance. Sorrow. War desolates and isolates people. No victory in war. Only defeat. I take the outside route around the island Sipan and also Lopud and Kolocep before reaching the fortress of Dubrovnik.


Along the way, we see a cave and take some photos. In Dubrovnik, I stop, take some shots and down a hamburger to get a hit of protein. 


Dubrovnik is a nice tourist trap. I avoid the inside wall and explore the outside. Happy about that!   

We find a place to park our kayaks. No problem.  

We find a place to park our kayaks. No problem.  


I meet two very colorful girls from Stoke. We take a photo.  They were so pleasant; I would love to spend an evening with these unique creatures. I am sure there would be lots of laughter. 

A short stop in Dubrovnik and then to Cavtat, a mere 12 km paddle. On way, we meet a fellow paddler Dino. He provides us with a wealth of information about the coastline. We try to find a place to stay at a nice outdoor bar, but it closes at 22:00 and we want to be in bed before that.


A beach front property that belongs to Hotel Croatia catches me. Soon the tent is in place, beside some jet skis under the stars. 


Keeping the kayaks above the tidal line is important. Even though sure they were safe, I was up during the night to check. 





Oct. 16: The church bell wakes us at 06:00 and I head into town around 06:50. Though ready to paddle to Molunat, a morning coffee and croissant is a good option. The bakery is open and a chocolate croissant and coffee are soon in my hands.

 Four hours later, we arrive at our destination. Bit short tour but good to rest. In the 22 km stretch, there was only one place to stop. Paddling in rough weather would have not been an option. The coastline is rocky and impossible to access land. Weather is a major factor in decision making.